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Known as the 'Capital of Craft', San Diego is home to over 150 independent craft breweries and is the birth place of some of our industry's most respected breweries.

From Belching Beaver to Stone Brewing, Karl Strauss to Kilowatt, there's a brewery, and a beer, for every beer enthusiast, first timer and everyone in between. As the momentum of the craft beer movement increases, San Diego brewers will continue to innovate, and through us, you'll have a front row seat on all the action.

The San Diego Brewers Guild is proud to be a source for breweries, tradespeople, restaurants and craft beer aficionados. Founded in 1997, the Guild is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote San Diego breweries and create an open line of communication among brewers — connecting a strong and vibrant community. As the American craft beer movement becomes further ingrained in the mainstream marketplace, our local brewing scene will continue to play an important role in the developing conversation as well as the history of craft beer as a whole.